Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can: The True Story Of A Real Fake - Stan Redding, Frank W. Abagnale . “This phony rips off several hundred banks, hustles half the hotels in the world for everything but the sheets, screws every airline in the skies, including most of their stewardesses, passes enough bad checks to paper the walls of the Pentagon, runs his own goddamned colleges and universities, makes half the cops in twenty countries look like dumb-asses while he’s stealing over $2 million, and he has a low criminal threshold? What the hell would he have done if he’d had a high criminal threshold, looted Fort Knox?” There are some people who get a high form drugs.Um, make it all people cos- duh that's why they snort/smoke/pop/shoot/whatever it.Some people get a high form saying 'Fuck you' in the face of death. And then there are people in whose case nothing thrills more than a good challenge.In the very own words of Frank Abagnale Jr. "But there’s also a type of person whose competitive instincts override reason. They are challenged by a given situation in much the same manner a climber ischallenged by a tall peak: because it’s there. Right or wrong are not factors, nor are consequences. These people look on crime as a game, and the goal is not just theloot; it’s the success of the venture that counts. Of course, if the booty is bountiful, that’s nice, too." I have watched Catch Me If You Can a dozen of times and every time, i am so amazed how a 16 year old runaway managed to drain several hundres banks like a vampire (bad, bad analogy) and do a Harry Houdini on the authorities. Sure, the security wasn't as stringent as it is today, but he wasn't a seasoned criminal either.Okay.So Frank William Abagnale Jr. Very Holden Caulfield(ish)only way higher on the libido scale and con-o-meter."It’s the girls, Dad,” I sighed. “They do funny things to me. I can’t explain it.”Dad and the Mobil investigator nodded understandingly. Dad laid a sympathetic hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, boy. Einstein couldn’t explain it, either,” he said.Hahahahaha. *sigh*Dropped bogus checks like confetti.Siphoned money out of bank vaults like a coon drains an egg.Paper hanger.Bum checker.Sham.Poseur.Impersonator.Check swindler.Masquerader. Murdered Las Vegas for $39000.The bumblebee who kept flying and kept making honey on the side.He ran away from from home to find his place in the world and ended up becoming a phony Pan Am pilot (recurring role), a doctor, a lawyer and a teacher. I mean, there is only so much a person can do, right? I am frexing impressed.