Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi It would be a felony to deny this book a glowing review.Although my fingers are spilling letters, urging me to write, I can't can't can't possibly string them together coherently to make sense and my cheeks are flushed and my paper heart is running laps after laps after laps and I wish wish wish I had written this book.Uh! Jealousy.1 Book. 2 Words. Shatter Me. Breaks me into 83 million tiny little pieces.And THE ADAM KENT EXPERIENCE. Oh.Oh.Oh. I hope there's an entire chapter dedicated to his body in the next installment. You really can't blame me for swooning like a total strumpet. I am practically swimming in a sea of hormones right now. Bursting with sensuality and all that crockspit.