The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I kind of always knew how this book was going to end but I conned myself into reading it anyway cos I am as what people call a sado-masochist. I am such a waterwork factory- I cry almost all the time but I prefer to do it in private.Like right now.Sitting in front of the computer and wondering.How some infinities are greater than other infinities.Why some infinities are greater than other infinities.Why.Why.Why.And i am crying.For Augustus Waters.The sweet,sweet self aggrandizing _________ (insert the profanity pertaining to a kid born out of wedlock.Hint: starts with a B and ends with a D with astar in between) A star. Oh my god! yep, Augustus was is a star.The Mortal God of Musing about the enigmas that surround life.The Mikado of Metaphors. He's not your regular cookie-cuttered Prince Charming. And I love him.Gosh! This book gave me A LOT to think about. And I must say: You did it again Mr Green. You have got a swooning fan girl here.