Anatomy of a Boyfriend - Daria Snadowsky Nice Book? Yeah!Do I regret reading it? Boy do i!Geez, I was so bummed after completing the book, but then again i was pmsing. So i can't really differentiate now, can i?First off, that it one heck of a catchy title.Good thinking there.So starting with the story, the novel deals with Dominique Baylor and her relationship with her first ever boyfriend Wesley Gershwin.There isn't much else to describe about the plot but hey, i can tell about how she was pining for him for months, their sweet first kiss,the making out in the backseat of his Explorer, and ho boy! did they explore each other after sneaking to Wes' grandparents' summer house, their losing 'it'.So all in all, the book describes the glories of first love and all that. But the only glitch with this book was the lack of stand-outish characters. Alrighty. Dominique has got everything figured out, her entire life chalked out until Wes comes along (and you know, the regular love thingy happens). I think that is DISTURBING. Yet cute. But hey, that's what love is all about, eh? It turns your world upside down.I liked the book. Well, definitely in spite of the all the heavy duty boy part description cos it got a tad gross after a point. But then again Dom is an aspiring doctor, so what can i say, huh?The author has tried her best to create a Wesley who doesn't fall in the already well carved bad boy/ jerk jock niche but alright not my kind of guy. I just don't know but she wasn't exactly successful with this little trick. Firstly, he is too nervous and unsure. Plus, which guy breaks up with his girlfriend over IM? Nuh uh! That was so wussy on his part. But the biggest DOWNER?? THE ENDING. Boy, was i expecting it? I am a big sucker for the happily ever after, so the ending definitely bit me hard. But yeah, as John Mayer sings, Nothing's supposed to last forever. That's the beauty of reality, innit?