Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James One ditzy, giggling girl without an ounce of self respect. One successful entrepreneur with a personality as charming as that of a serial rapist.And to think females all over the world (adult and able minded at that) are panting after him like bitches in heat and getting their panties wet. Seriously, i ask you WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD???Looking at the alluring blurb (not) I thought Why not, let's dabble in some harmless erotica. So I downloaded the book off the internet only to read the first few chapters and skim the rest O Disgust, thy name is Fifty Shades Of Grey Fifty Shades Of Fucked Up is more like it. If a guy like Christian Grey came even within fifty yards of my vicinity, I would sure as hell beat him away with a stick. This is what creepos like him deserve.The author E.L. James (E.L. stands for Extra Loony) should be handed a death sentence for writing such demented shit. Sample this- the girl is menstruating and the guy actually pulls out her tampon and makes her bleed all over the floor and in a bathroom no less. How repulsive, vile and disgusting is that? Enough to make you want to start slitting your wrists or throw yourself at the oncoming traffic. After reading this i felt like i accidentally impaled myself on a butcher's knife.Ms James, I ask you WHAT EXACTLY WHERE YOU SMOKING WHEN YOU DECIDED TO WRITE THIS GARBAGE?THEME SONG- CHOKEHOLD by ADAM LAMBERT.♪♫♪Oh without your touch i suffocateCould asphyxiateBut I kinda like the painI keep running away, running awayRunning away from youBut I can't stand breaking the chains,Breaking the chains, breaking the chainsIt's too good♪♫♪Darkly erotic song but then again Adam Lambert has a way with this stuff. Remember when he sang ♪♫♪Imma hurt you real good, baby.♪♫♪*grins wickedly with the whole waggling one eyebrow bit*I am haplessly adding such a nice song to this not so nice book. (Hands down the biggest understatement this side of Jesus Christ)