Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover Hmmm. Seems like Ms Hoover has plucked the dream guy right out of my head and put it one paper.Not to mention the fact that i find dating older guys incredibly sexayy. (Think Four/Tobias+Tris, Jared Sondervan+Bronwen, Lena Haloway+Alex Sheathes)Deep Breathes, Anya.Stay in control.In.Out.In.Out.In.Out.OM.I CAN'T BLINKING BELIEVE HOW MUCH I ADORE WILL COOPER!It's like he has taken over my body or something. Five pages in and i was already a GONER! Given that i fall for guys easily,(fictional guys anyway. They are way better than the real ones. Agreed?) Will Cooper is aahhhh.Makes me want to squish him into cute, tiny lil' pieces!And Ms. Hoover's writing is so potent that despite the fact that it's miles away from erotica, the moments in the book still somehow manage to give me THE TINGLES IN MY TOES and um, in other regions of my body.I had a shit-eating grin plastered on my face the entire time i was reading the book.END RESULT: My jaw aches like mad and I am officially in Loooove.Darn you, Ms Hoover for making me feel this way. (Just kidding.Of course I wanted that. Hahaha)