Drain You - M. Beth Bloom Kurt Cobain sang ♪♫♪ It is now my duty to completely drain you♪♫♪ Muahahaha. Talk about vampiric tendencies.Anyway, just mentioned this here cos the book and the song share the same title and *shrugs* Kurt Cobain is well, Kurt Cobain. O.oQuinlan Lacey is like Bella-I-am-a-Doltwad-Swann on an acid trip.Unlike our nutty Bella,she-1)is snarky2)Has a life even though it only contains-a)working snoozing at a video storeb)ranting about her sad existence in a very haha wayc)fending off the romantic advances of good friend and coworker d)mooning over Kurt Cobain (although he is six feet under)3)has very cool clothes- think super long Nine Inch Nail t-shirts and micro shorts that stay almost hidden beneath aforementioned NIN t-shirts (but not in a trashy way), tons of mascara and and armload of gold necklaces.4)has a habit of using people. On second thought, one person in particular (I am really starting to draw comparisons here- Remember Angela Chase and Brian Krakow?)It's summer break and Quin is basically spending her days very uneventfully until one day she sees her loner/distant classmate Naomi Sheets all bloodies across the video store and Naomi's brother James lurking nearby.Now James is that kind of a guy who walks a girl without actually walking her home, drains people for nourishment and apparently can't stay away from Quin despite Naomi's warnings.Come to think of it, this book is pretty messed. Not only there is insta-love (Aaaarrghh!), there are a bunch of creepy vampire who tend to lurk in a lurky way.The book started on a very good note. (Had my hopes flying high like a kite) But it started going downhill halfway or so.It was basically a bumpity-bump ride for me. You know there were times when the plot didn't make sense AT ALL and the ending was kind of abrupt. Oh well, whatever nevermindTHEME SONG DRAIN YOU by NIRVANA (Well, obvi!)♪♫♪ One baby to another says I'm lucky to have met youI don't care what you think unless it is about me♪♫♪Oh Kurt. How you make me swoon.In all seriousness, I gave this book another full star because of Nirvana (yeah I am a bit biased like that)What?What? My So Called Life meets Twilight? My So Called Life? As in Angela Chase and *squeals* Jordan Catalano? As in the awesomest TV show ever?I know I'd sworn off Vamp books for good, but just look at it! The blurb says My So Called Life. These 4 words-Beckoning to me like a beacon does a mosquito in the darkest of the night. How can a girl ever resist that?While reading-I can actually hear Claire Danes aka Angela-snark-rant-snark-Chase doing the voice-over thing- “My dad and I used to be pretty tight. The sad truth is, my breasts have come between us.”- AngelaHahahahaha. What a larf.*full review laterrr*