Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles HOLY GUACAMOLE! That was très très fabulosa!Simone Elkeles does a modern take on Billy Shakespeare's star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet.Brittany Ellis is Señora Perfecta- the girl who has the perfect everything- Perfect family, perfect house, perfect Bod, perfect boyfriend. Alejandro Fuentes (sexay name!) is Señor El Diablo, might look like an Abercrombie model with his ripped bod and flawless face, but his picture is more likely to be taken for a mug shot. poor Mexicano, member of the dreaded Latino Blood, drug dealer and everything that Brittany Ellis isn't.Yet somehow manages to see the real her right through her spit.By the twist of fate (cliche) or more precisely the wonders of alphabetical seating arrangement, they are paired off as Chemistry Lab partners.And in the spur of the moment (lusts and guts - the infamously huge male ego),Alex makes a bet that he can make the most desirable gringa in school (Brit Ellis, that is) hand him her body on a silver platter before Halloween. Kind of ballsy really if you ask me.Cos he's betting his most prized possession- Julio (that's his old Honda Nighthawk 750 motorcycle) against Lucky's RX-7.And not to mention the fact that not even when elephants start to fly would Brittany Ellis commit social suicide by associating herself with a poor Mexicano (who also happens to be in a gang)"I wonder if Alex ever brought his girlfriend flowers. Alex probably brings his dates sharp knives as gifts, in case she'll need one when she's out on a date with him."Not exactly the kind of guy a mother would want showing up at her doorstep to take her daughter on a date sporting red bandana and gang tats like that."Mrs. Ellis closes the door halfway, probably hoping I won't peek inside and see her valuables and be tempted to steal them."It's PERFECT PHYSICS, people. you know how opposites attract.Er, not exactly cos Alex's always getting in Brittany's hair (figuratively) trying to rile her up.(And as they say "Anger is the foreplay to passion." It's easy to confuse between the two.) And Brit has a thing or two under her sleeves to ge back at him "No hard feelings. Payback's a bitch, ain't it, Alex?"Told in alternating POV switching between Brittany and Alex, you come to know how beneath the calm surface, Brittany is franticaly paddling like a duck to keep her dysfunct family away from the prying eyes of the people.And then there's Alex- wronged by everybody (including himself), already thumb-tacked with a hopeless future, certified a lost cause.He's searching for his father's murderer, a father who was brutally killed right in front of his 6 year old self.Typical poor-little-rich-girl-falls-hard-for-the-worthless-street-rat love story.And then some.Rest assured to oooh and ahhh and dabble in some harmless empalmado and as The Backstreet Boys sing ♪♫♪ If you want to be a good girl get yourself a bad boy.♪♫♪Meanwhile, I'll go and search myself a muy caliente Mexicano. Tee hee hee. (: (: (:Forget Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on them.